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The Girl Who Became a Rabbit

The Girl Who
Became a Rabbit

Hub City Press, September 2024

Winner of the 2023 New Southern Voices Poetry Prize


The Girl Who Became a Rabbit is a book-length lyric, a dark, ruminative poem that pushes the limits of the prose-poetic form to explore how the body carries and shapes grief and what it means to tell a story. It’s Alice Notley’s feminist epic replayed as surrealist fable hallucinations; it’s Louise Bourgeois as biologist; it’s Leonora Carrington at the mirror.

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ARCs Available for The Girl Who Became a Rabbit

April 2024

Advance reader copies are now available for reviewers and booksellers upon request.

The Girl Who Became a Rabbit Cover
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April 2024

Blog post for the American Association of Law Libraries on Relations with Information Vendors

Launch of Gingerbread

January 2024

A newsletter curation of writing prompts, poetry, creative library resources, generative artwork, and other gentle hauntings.


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