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 EMILIE MENZEL is a poet, writer, and finder. Her work seeks to approach language both as a writer and researcher and to explore both creative and analytical properties of language. Recent focuses for her work include an exploration of the language of fables and fairy tales, grief and haunting, and metamorphoses of the body. Additionally, Emilie's work and research explore how communities build around creativity and how creative practices can be used to build literacy capabilities. 

Emilie's poetry and prose are featured in such journals as Black Warrior Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, and Tupelo Quarterly, and she is the recipient of the Deborah Slosberg Memorial Award in Poetry (selected by Diana Khoi Nguyen), the Cara Parravani Memorial Award in Fiction (selected by Leigh Newman), and the Academy of American Poets Nevin Prize (selected by Frank Bidart and Dan Chiasson). Emilie is the curator for the gently haunted digital museum of found art The Gretel, the found content editor for the literary journal jubilat, and a contributing editor for the arts and literary non-profit The Seventh Wave. She builds local arts resources, events, and community for North Carolina with the Orange County Arts Commission. Additionally, Emilie is currently studying for a masters in children's librarianship, creative community, and art spaces at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. She holds a BA with honors in English from Wellesley College and an MFA in Poetry from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.




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PUBLICATION, September 2020

Poem: "Rabbit"


PUBLICATION, September 2020

Artist Profile Article: "Doing It for Themselves: New Artist-Run Spaces in Chapel Hill and Carrboro"

Orange County Arts Commission

HONORS, August 2020

Poetry manuscript The Girl Who Became a Rabbit selected as a finalist for Tupelo Press' Berkshire Prize

PUBLICATION, August 2020

Poem: "I Pull My Leaf Leg Stockings Off My Body"

The Boiler





"Ellis" | Figure 1 | Forthcoming Winter 2020

"Sewn into the Age of Light" (print) | Cream City Review | Forthcoming Winter 2020

"We Step Outside and There's an Uneasiness" (print) | Southern Humanities Review | Forthcoming Winter 2020

"Rabbit"Foundry | Fall 2020

"I Pull My Leaf Leg Stockings Off My Body"The Boiler | Summer 2020

"I Spoke of a Home" (print) | Michigan Quarterly Review  | Spring 2020

"Ellis" | Tupelo Quarterly | Spring 2020

"I Approach and Notice" | Tupelo Quarterly | Spring 2020

"Elle était en train de" | Yalobusha Review  | Winter 2020


"[It is unseemly]" | Seventh Wave | Fall 2019


"And yes, I will have this act again"Black Warrior Review, Online | Summer 2019


"The Animals I Have Lived within the Span of My Adolescence" | Trestle Ties | Summer 2019


"If we're hunting gazelle, what does poetry get to be?"Mass Poetry: Poetry on the T, National Poetry Month | April 2019


"[Animal Inventory]" | The Animal Club, Factory Hollow Press | Fall 2018



"It Happened on a Tuesday" (print) | Passages North | Forthcoming Spring 2021

"You Believe You are Building an Order You Resemble"The Spectacle: The Revue | Fall 2019

"Shaken Face If I Stay on My Own"The Spectacle: The Revue | Fall 2019


"Doing It for Themselves: New Artist-Run Spaces in Chapel Hill and Carrboro" | Orange County Arts Commission | Fall 2020

"Collage and Community Art with Meredith Haggerty" | Orange County Arts Commission | Summer 2020

"Arshia Simkin and Emily Cataneo's Redbud Writing Project" | Orange County Arts Commission | Summer 2020

"Carlos González García, Activist in Mosaic" | Orange County Arts Commission | Summer 2020

"Sean T. Bailey and the Photography of Belonging" | Orange County Arts Commission | Spring 2020

"The Quarantined Arts Community Rises" | Orange County Arts Commission | Spring 2020





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