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Publications, Resource Guides, Literacy Education Philosophy Statement

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AALL Blog: Committee on Relations with Information Vendors  |  2024 

AALL Blog: Committee on Relations with Information Vendors  |  2023 

Duke University Libraries Blog  |  2023

The Information-Seeking Behavior and Visual Studies Engagement of Creative Writers

UNC Chapel Hill MSLS Thesis  |  2022

Duke University Libraries: Project Vox Blog  |  2022

Poster Presentation  | ArLiSNAP/VREPS Fall Conference  |  2022

Panelist  |  Duke University Libraries  |  2023

Finding Creative Libraries

Presentation  |  The Seventh Wave: Process Talks  |  2022

Taking a User-Centered Approach to Digital Teaching Resources

Presentation  |  Duke University Libraries: Munch and Mull  |  2022

Literacy Instruction

Writing instructional experience and teaching statement


Creative Writing Courses

Previously taught college and high school level creative writing courses

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Composition Courses

Previously taught college level composition courses

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Teaching Statement

Statement on pedagogical approach for teaching college composition

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& Projects

Collections of subject-specific resources, selected and arranged for distinct target audiences

Library Resources for Creatives_ A Resource Guide by Seventh Wave

for The Seventh Wave

Selection of recommendations for creative writers navigating academic libraries, public domain, and open access resources. Created as an accompaniment to the Seventh Wave process talk "Finding Creative Libraries."

Project Vox Teaching Resources Update

for Duke University Libraries,
Project Vox


Planned, developed, and managed creation of database for organizing learning objects, optimizing user access and project sustainability. Created for philosophy instructors. 

The Gretel



A visual library guide to gently haunted topics. Here, find the slightly wild and folkloric, the metamorphosed and transfigured, the world of slant angle and jagged line. 

The Gretel Presents_ In Black and White, Library Four

for The Gretel


Digital visual resource guide to artwork and writing engaged with high contrast, silhouette, shadow, stereotype, and, in short, the black and white. Created for a creative audience to prompt creative work.

Seventh Wave Resource Guide

for The Seventh Wave


Curation of books, artwork, organizations, media, and music for beginning a creative exploration of the concept of rebellious joy. Created in collaboration with contributors to accompany Seventh Wave's themed 13th issue: Rebellious Joy. 

Fairy Tales Guide

for The Gretel


Library guide website offering an introduction and entry-point to the field of contemporary fairy tales. Designed for communities without access to university library resources.

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