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The Girl Who Became a Rabbit

The Girl Who
Became a Rabbit

Hub City Press, September 2024

Winner of the 2023 New Southern Voices Poetry Prize

The Girl Who Became a Rabbit is a book-length lyric, a dark, ruminative poem that pushes the limits of the prose-poetic form to explore how the body carries and shapes grief and what it means to tell a story.

Examining reclaimed narratives of embodiment, gentle hauntings, and fables of the body, Emilie Menzel approaches the body as a home we consciously build, spinning myths and fairytales as ways to rewrite the body’s history. 

In the spirit of Maggie Nelson and Max Porter, Menzel’s writing is wild, lush, recursive, and intentionally messy. A mesmerizing and unique debut, The Girl Who Became a Rabbit intersects fable and trauma, femininity and creatureliness, and imagines the transformation of the body, perhaps, into language.



for The Girl Who Became a Rabbit

Molly McCully Brown

Judge's Citation for 2023 New Southern Voices Poetry Prize; Author of Places I've Taken My Body

The world of The Girl Who Became a Rabbit is at once fabular and unflinchingly ours. And, in it, the body is at once a wilderness and a refuge, a site of grief and violence and a territory of fantastic transformation: “Within the forest, I real all desire as assault, all flocks of birds as /leaping hands, all hands: the creation of hands.” Recursive, ambitious, strange and beautiful, this book-length lyric explores the way trauma and abuse make a creature of us, and asks what it’s possible to become in their aftermath.  “The history of a / child is the history of a body” Menzel writes. And, as if in recognition of this fact, the poem balances the registers of fairytale and scientific text. It is telling you a story. It is also probing—again and again—what telling a story does.  I fell into this world of this book—its rabbits, and soft deer, sliced cow-eyes and wolves— the way you wade into a cold body of water, slowly and then all at once. I couldn’t put it down. And, when I finished, I was changed.

Dara Barrois/Dixon

Author of Tolstoy Killed Anna Karenina

If what you wish is to be for a while in a world that will inspire you to think playfully and with kindness and persistence and an openness to that which is not immediately beheld, you have found your book and your invitation to enter another world that happens to be in this one. Menzel works magic. I love this book.

Emilie Menzel by Sean T. Bailey

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The Recent and Upcoming
for The Girl Who Became a Rabbit

September 10, 2024

Book Launch Day

Publication day for The Girl Who Became a Rabbit. Details forthcoming.

December 11, 2023

Preorders Open 

December 11, 2023

Cover Reveal

The cover for The Girl Who Became a Rabbit features artwork by Anne Siems, design by Kate McMullen, and hand lettering by Julie Jarema.

August 24, 2023

Selected as Winner of the New Southern Voices Poetry Prize

Molly McCullen Brown has selected The Girl Who Became a Rabbit as the winner of Hub City Press' New Southern Voices Poetry Prize.

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